20 Digital Items You Could Start Selling (with examples!)

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So you've read where to sell your digital files, and what sites make the most money for me... but now you're wondering... WHAT do I make? 

This post is here to inspire you and show you all the wonderful possibilities from making and selling digital files.

Click on any image below to see more examples👇

1. Fonts

fonts for crafters

Hand lettered fonts, script fonts, thick fonts, fonts for crafters, serif fonts, doodle fonts. Let your imagination run as there are so many possibilities with font making! You will need a font making program like Glyphs, Font Self, or Font Creator to make a quality font. Teela's course on Font Making is 1000% recommended if you're wanting to sell fonts! 

2. SVG Cut Files

svg cut files

Fonts take a LOT of time to make, so I wanted a quicker alternative that still utilized my hand lettering. The world of SVGs is always changing, but I love making them! 

3. Digital Planner Stickers

digital planner stickers

If you have a Cricut or Silhouette, I'm sure you know about digital Planner stickers. I would only recommend selling these if you have a cutting machine available to test out and make sure everything cuts properly. 

4. Coloring Pages

digital coloring pages

5. Printable Trackers

printable trackers

Habit trackers, mood trackers, countdowns, etc. People love tracking things!

6. Sublimation Designs

sublimation designs

Usually in a PNG format and intended for using with a heat press or other sublimation method. These could also be used for wall decor. 

7. Watercolor Illustrations

watercolor illustrations

8. Vector Illustrations

vector illustrations

9. Patterns

digital patterns

10. Watercolor Backgrounds and Textures

watercolor background textures

11. Wedding Suites

wedding invites

12. Wedding Signage

wedding signs

13. Product Mockups

craft mockups

This one is HUGE. If you look at my SVG Cut files you'll notice I use mockups to display all the files. This gives my customer a good idea of what they could make. Other people who use mockups are people who are actually making the products that are shown in the mockup - like wood signs, mugs, shirts, etc. They can mock their design up instead of having to make 10 different shirts. Mockups are so incredibly useful! 

14. Photography

digital photography

Stock photos aren't a new concept, but photos are a new and growing part of Design Bundles. So if you're a photography now is a good time to get on Design Bundles! 

15. Instagram Story Highlights 

instagram story highlights

Curated Instagram profiles aren't complete without matching Highlight covers! 

16. Social Media Post Templates

social media templates

Brands and businesses who aren't good at designing, or don't have the time, love templates like these!

17. Lightroom Presets

lightroom presets

18. Procreate Brushes

procreate brushes

19. Resume Templates

resume templates

20. Powerpoint / Google Slides Templates

powerpoint templates

I hope you like this roundup of 20 different products you could start selling from home! Let me know if you have any other products you'd add to the list! 🙂 

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