What Platforms Bring In The Most Money

This post has been updated as of January 2021. *Disclaimer: Affiliate links may be included in any links below. By clicking on one of my affiliate links I may get a small commission if you join.

I'm always fascinated to see where and how people are making money. It's always inspiring to me to know what can be achieved. This post is not meant to brag (by any means) but to be informative and help you find some other sites to sell on! 

I'll be honest, I'm not doing terrible - but I'm not making thousands each month with my Fonts and SVGs. And I'm okay with that! I'm happy for the small success I have had already :) 


Numbers listed below are the monthly averages.

Font Bundles: $430 ($540 Jan 2021)

Creative Fabrica $276 ($216 Jan 2021)

Creative Market$124 ($91 Jan 2021)

So Fontsy: $69 ($58 Jan 2021)

JAD Etsy: $53 ($103 Jan 2021) 

SVG Etsy: $48 ($56 Jan 2021) 

Redbubble: $25 ($29 Jan 2021)

Crella: $20 ($15 Jan 2021)

Teachers Pay Teachers: $12 ($12 Jan 2021)

Society 6$5 ($3 Jan 2021)

Want to know the Pros and Cons to these websites? Click here

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