Where to Sell Your Fonts and SVGs: A Designer's Opinion

*Disclaimer: Affiliate links may be included in any links below. By clicking on one of my affiliate links I may get a small commission but your purchase price will stay the same.

I started designing and selling fonts in 2017. Since then I have learned a lot about the font market and which marketplaces I prefer most. 

I started off on Creative Market for the first year but then I started hearing about this site called Font Bundles, and from there I've learned about many more sites.

Want to know which platform I make the most money on? Click here. 

Font Bundles

Font Bundles is by far my favorite marketplace to sell my fonts and designs on (Design Bundles). From their easy-to-upload site, to their wonderful designers Facebook Group... it's just the best. Font Bundles seems to be more for the every day crafter, so if you have high priced items for professional settings they might not do as well - yet. They are continuously growing


  • Easy & free to upload
  • Easy to use affiliate program which makes it so you can get 15% of any purchase regardless if it's your item or not
  • Facebook group for designers is filled with supportive and truly helpful designers who just want to encourage and lift each other up. The owner of FB is also in the group and is always asking for feedback on the site - he truly listens! 
  • The potential for bundles – this one is huge. You can make good amount of money just from having one product in one of their bundles. It's been my goal in 2019 to improve my products and work harder to get in bundles as it's great exposure and the extra money doesn't hurt ;) 
  • Payouts can be made whenever and will be deposited in 7 days
  • Font / Design Bundles will take down any trademarked items so you don't need to worry about sellers getting takedowns with your designs. 


  • 50-75% commission (75% if a buyer has never clicked on an affiliate link prior to purchasing OR they clicked on yours, 50% if the buyer clicked on someone else's affiliate link)
  • Only get paid through Paypal or Payoneer (not a problem for me, but it's been for others). If payment is made through Paypal there is an added fee taken out from the payment (Paypal's standard processing fee). 

Creative Market

Creative Market is where I got my font selling start, and for a while I thought it was the best. But in recent months they have been making many changes to their platform that have sellers unsure of the future of Creative Market. From what I can tell, Creative Market is more for professional users (but not always the case). 


  • Easy & free to upload
  • Their affiliate program has potential to bring in a lot of money (10% of purchases from your referred user for an entire year)
  • Payouts made from Paypal don't have an added fee


  • They don't have a Facebook group, so the owners of CM are not involved with their sellers.
  • Payouts can only be made after $20 in earnings AND only one time per month. You have the option to payout a certain amount or the entire month's earnings at the end of the month. However, if you forget to do a Payout in May you will not be paid until July when you get paid for June's earnings (if you remember to do the payout!)
  • Creative Market is also much harder to get accepted into these days than they were a few years ago. I recommend starting on Font Bundles and having a font or two already made before applying. If you get denied, don't give up! Focus on the marketplaces you are on and try again. 
  • The license changes to fonts and designs have raised some flags for many buyers. I won't get into details here, but if you want to check out what is included in their licenses now, read here. 

So Fontsy

I'm relatively new to So Fontsy, so I don't have a ton of insight. I know sellers who do the best on here and others who don't. I know the biggest complaint (at the time of this posting) is how difficult it is to upload to their site - which is getting revamped later this year. 


  • Free to upload
  • Potential to get in their curated bundles
  • There is a Facebook group for sellers in which you can drop your links each week for items you wish to get noticed. 


  • Uploading is time consuming and 'clunky' at this time. However, a new site is coming sometime in 2019.
  • There is a potential to get in their curated bundles, however from my one experience they do not sell as well as Font/Design Bundles. 


As a product shop owner, I strongly recommend getting off Etsy if possible. They truly do not care about their sellers, and it's become very apparent since 2018. However, as a Font and SVG Designer I also know how much traffic is on Etsy. 


  • Well known and tons of traffic
  • Easy to upload


  • It costs $0.20 JUST to list an item. This can add up when you're first starting out and adding all your fonts / designs. It also costs $0.20 to renew every 3 months (or when the product sells). So if you have a $5 item they take $0.20 PLUS a percentage of the sale AND transaction fee. You can look them up here for more in depth details. None of the other sites listed today ever expire and are free to upload so this is one of Etsy's biggest cons. If you haven't signed up before and want 40 listings for free, click here
  • There are a ton of scammers out there and Etsy is filled with them. You may have to file takedowns for shops with stolen fonts / designs. 

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is different than the rest because of their subscription model. It can be confusing to understand - but basically you get a percentage of the overall sales for the day based on how many items you've sold. 


  • Easy & free to upload
  • If you forget about it you can easily go back to the site and have money waiting in your account. The more items you have the more money you can potentially get. This isn't proven, but I believe that uploading designs often might help. I ran a test one month and I made $60 more than normal months just from adding new products each week! 


  • It takes a few days for products to go live, they have to get approved.
  • You don't make as much per sale. 

In conclusion... 

I think Font and Design Bundles are by far the best platform to sell on. But I never recommend just selling on one platform. I'd do with the platforms that make the most sense for you and your digital products.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help! 

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