My Favorite Hand Lettered Fonts

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Hey everyone! I wanted to do a roundup of some of my favorite fonts, since there are so many talented font designers out there! If you'd like to Pin this post to save for later, Pin the image below! :) 

These fonts are all paid fonts, but if you click the image below you can find some awesome free fonts as well! 

Font bundles free fonts

Examples of Favorite Fonts

In 2017 I released my first font, Lovely Letters. It was my first time ever creating a font and I fell in love with the font making process. Since then I have released, Highwaisted, Sunset Skies, Cinnamon Sugar, and Lovebug. I don't have plans to stop designing new fonts anytime soon, either! 

Since I know how challenging it is to make a font, I like to think I have a good understanding of what a good font is. To me, this would be a font that at minimum has the full upper and lowercase alphabet (unless it's an all caps font like Highwaisted and Puckery Tart, shown below), has numbers and most symbols, has standard ligatures and possibly some discretionary ligatures, and has a few alternate characters.

This is what I do at minimum for all of my fonts. I like to make sure that if you are purchasing from me that you get a font that looks like it was hand lettered, which means adding in some of those extra features. 

My Favorite Script Fonts

Cinnamon Sugar Script Font
Cashmere Script Font
Hey Girl Script Font

My Favorite Regular Fonts

Highwaisted Hand Lettered Font
Puckery Tart hand lettered fontsunset skies hand lettered fontdonut derby hand lettered font
one in a melon hand lettered font
pinsetter hand lettered font
scoops hand lettered font

My Favorite Decorative Fonts

Lovebug deorative font
Giggle Hearts Font
Acres Font
Merry Making Font

Font bundles free fonts

Jordyn Alison Designs Hand Lettered Logo

Below are all of the places you can find Jordyn Alison Designs.

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