Black Marker Comparison + Review

For this weeks blog post, I'm going to show you a comparison of different black brush markers. 

A quick summary: Start with the small brush markers, like the Tombow Fude's, Pentel Sign, Faber Castell, or Crayola Supertips. Once you've learned the strokes, learned when and where to put more or less pressure... then you can move on to the larger brush markers. If you start with the harder markers to use, then you might get intimidated and give up. All of the markers listed now come in colors, so you have lots of options to choose from! 

If you don't like reading and want to hear me talk about the markers instead, watch the video below! :) 


Black Marker Comparison:

  1. Tombow Fudenosuke - Hard Tip: This is considered a small brush marker, and it's a great marker for beginners. It's more firm than the soft tip, which means that you will have an easier time transitioning from heavy to light pressures when you're first learning.
  2. Tombow Fudenosuke - Soft Tip: Just like the hard tip, this is also a good marker for beginners to learn and practice with. This one is more flexible than the hard tip which means it can be a little harder to control when you're just starting out. But because it is a small brush marker it's still easier to learn than larger brush markers. 
  3. Pentel Sign Pen: I really like this marker, because it feels like a mix between the Soft and Hard Tombow Fudes. It has more flexibility than the Hard Tip but I still feel like I have full control over it. 
  4. Faber Castell Brush: This brush is thicker than the previous 3 markers, but it's a pretty firm brush. I'm not entirely sure if these markers were designed for lettering, but they work nonetheless! Faber Castell brushes come in 59 different colors according to their website, but they can also be found at your local craft store. 
  5. Crayola Supertips: These markers are good for beginners simply because they're an inexpensive introductory to brush lettering. They don't hold their shape for very long, but they won't fray on regular copy paper which is a bonus. 
  6. Faber Castell Big Brush: I love this brush! The barrel is a lot larger than any other brush marker I've used. But wow! This marker is firm but also gives you the same thickness as the Tombow Dual Brush markers. The black from the Faber Castell markers are also so rich, and seem to be true black. This marker is definitely not one that gets recommended as much as it should, but I think you should 100% give it a try!! The Big Brush markers come in 52 different colors online, but in stores I usually only see a handful of different colors. 
  7. Tombow Dual: These markers are usually not as firm as the Faber Castell brushes. However, the consistency with the firmness to the tips is the biggest downfall to the Tombows. Other than that, I love that you can blend with them, and that they have over 100 colors to choose from! They're really great markers, just not ones I would recommend starting out with because they are harder to control. If you have a larger project, these are the markers you would want to use.  
  8. Pentel Aquash: I figured I would add this to the list because water brushes are a fun way to add some color to your lettering! Since you use watercolors with them, you can mix colors just like you would if you were painting and you can get cool affects using this water brush. I actually find these to be the most challenging to use out of all the markers listed, and that's because they don't feel like a brush marker. They have really flexible tips so you have to have a little more practice to get used to these ones. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below! :) 

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