Eco Friendly

Here at Jordyn Alison Designs I try to be as eco friendly as possible. Here are all the ways I've made changes to my shop! 

  1. All of my items ship plastic free! Every order off of my website comes with a paper bag instead of a clear plastic sleeve. *Please note that items coming from a distributor (ex: apparel, totes) ship with plastic right now. Trust me, I'm hoping they change their supplies! 
  2. For every digital product you purchase, 10% of the sale will go towards the National Forest Foundation. For ever $1 donated a new tree is planted. This all happens automatically on my website. 
  3. My wholesale orders (the orders that get shipped to retail stores) now come with 100% compostable clear sleeves made from plants.
  4. I have an entire Charity Collection now available! I'm beyond proud of this, as I'm such a small shop that I really can't afford making less, but I'm so passionate about cleaning the oceans and planting trees. Check it out! 
  5. The paper and envelopes I use are made from recycled materials. The plant they come from focuses on being as eco friendly as possible. They have hydro generators to conserve fossil fuels, and avoid releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I'm very proud to support a company that has the same visions as I do.