Updating Some Older Cards!

While things have slowed down during the Coronavirus, I've been trying to work on some of the little projects that got pushed to the side during my busy seasons. One thing I've been wanting to do for about a year is update the lettering on some of my older greeting cards! 

I started lettering in 2016 and have been lettering pretty consistently ever since. My lettering style has changed so much, and I want my cards to reflect my current style. You might not see drastic changes (or even remember the 'before') - but to me, I see so much growth and improvement! 

Some of these cards were initially made by hand. Like pen to paper, scan each layer, edit for hours on end in Illustrator... but now I do all of my designing on my iPad and not only does it save me so much time, it saves a ton of paper! 

I wanted to keep the integrity of the original design, so while I did update every part of the card (the cake, the globe, the lettering, etc) I kept the color scheme and placement the same! 

Here are 12 of the updated cards:

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