Take Time for Yourself This Holiday Season

This year has been so busy for me, both personally and in my business. I've been feeling so lost, distracted, stressed... everything. I've been craving the holidays, I think mainly because everything is so peaceful and relaxing when the snow starts falling. Everything seems to move in slow motion.

A few months ago I started designing these coloring pages. I've been making seasonal pages so that you can try to remember to take a break throughout the year. I love these coloring pages because 1) they're affordable, 2) you can print them as many times as you'd like and 3) they're also able to be used digitally which I love! I didn't think coloring on your iPad would be as relaxing as coloring on paper, but it is! 

Some fun ideas for coloring:

  1. Color with your kids! They'll love it just as much as you will. You can reprint as many times as you need so no one has to fight over who gets what page.
  2. Don't have kids? You will still love these! They're made by an adult who hates "adult coloring pages". They're always sooo intricate and time consuming! These pages aren't too difficult to "figure out" how to color, but they're not too boring, either. 
  3. Donate markers and coloring pages to a local shelter. Crayola Super Tips are awesome for coloring and they're pretty affordable for a bunch of colors! 
  4. Watch Hallmark movies and color - now this sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! 

ps. this one is my favorite right now!! 

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