Reasons to Go Reusable

In the spirit of Earth Day coming up, I'm dedicating this month's blog posts to be about eco friendly tips. Today, I'm telling you some reasons why I think you should go reusable. 

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Only 1% of plastic bags that are returned are recycled. What?! The number of plastic shopping bags used each year in the US alone is 14 billion. Each disposable shopping bag is typically used for less than an hour. Read more.

100,000 marine animals are killed each year due to plastic bags. And the average number of pieces of plastic in each square mile of the ocean is 46,000. 

Sea animals are mistaking floating bags for jellyfish and other food they might normally eat. Did you know that 10% of ocean pollution is just from plastic bags? That's insane to me. Fish aren't the only ones affected by this either... Birds have been found to have microplastics in their bellies that they can't digest and then the birds get too heavy and can't fly. 

Did you know that if every person in New York City used just ONE less plastic or paper bag each year, it would cut down waste by more than 5 million pounds and save $250,000 in disposal costs.

Now think about if every person in the US did that? Or if we all eliminated 10 bags a year? This is a terrible problem the world is facing right now, but with just this small step it could have a huge impact. 

With so many cute tote bags out there, there is no reason we need to keep using plastic bags.



Over the past few months I have watched a few documentaries and learned as much as I can about recycling and our plastic issue. I wanted to help be part of the solution to a terrible problem. And that's why I have recently released tote bags to my shop! Check them out today and know that you are making a difference to our world by going reusable. BONUS! For the month of April, 10% of all tote bag purchases will be donated to the National Forest Foundation. For every $1 donated they will plant a new tree to help keep Earth green. 

Want to learn more?

1. Follow my Sustainable Living Pinterest Board


2. Watch these documentaries (on Netflix): A Plastic Ocean, Minimalism, Rotten, What the Health, and Cowspiracy (the last three are more related are more related to your health and what you're eating and how it affects the environment)

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