How Do I Make My Vinyl Stickers?

I get asked this question more than anything else. And I'm happy to say that I outsource my stickers with a company called Stickermule!

How to Make Quality Vinyl Stickers

I have found that outsourcing my vinyl stickers gives me the best quality stickers, with a lot less work involved.

The Pros to Outsourcing Stickers:

1. The quality is much better than anything I could make myself.

2. I have to have thousands of stickers on hand at all times and that kind of demand would be a nightmare to cut by hand with a Cricut / Silhouette.

3. My stickers are all high quality, durable, and waterproof. 

The Cons to Outsourcing Stickers: 

1. You end up having a lot more stickers on hand than if you were doing them on demand. 

2. You may end up with a lot of one sticker that doesn't sell well as the others.

Where to Outsource Vinyl Stickers: 

I use Stickermule for all of my stickers. I've used them for 2+ years now and the stickers I got in 2018 are still holding up just fine on my car and waterbottle! I'm able to put my mugs in the dishwasher (but usually I hand wash), and my car has gone through many car washes without scratching or taking off my stickers. 

Get $10 off your first order on Stickermule!

There are tons of other sites to choose from, but Stickermule is by far my favorite company. They ship stickers really fast and their prices are hard to beat. They run sales pretty often on the various products that they make which is always nice. 

Even when there isn't a sale on stickers, the bulk pricing structure really helps when I am ordering a restock for all of my stickers! 

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