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Hi everyone! This is my first blog post on my brand new website! I just wanted to quick post and introduce myself and what you can expect from the blog portion of my site. 

I am a lefty, and I've been lettering since 2015. In 2016, I took on a 365 day challenge where I posted daily lettering to Instagram every. single. day. It was exhausting but I made it to about September. I improved a TON that year because of my daily practice.

This past December (Dec '17) I graduated with my Bachelor's of Art with a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing. And instead of going out and searching for jobs right away, I decided to move in with my mom and take a few months to work on growing this business. A few months later, in June, I got married out in Sedona, Arizona. Then a week after coming home from the honeymoon I moved from Michigan to New Mexico. So it's been a very busy year. 

When I'm not lettering or working (which is pretty much all the time), you can find me cuddling with my yellow lab Charlie, Skyping my family back home, or watching Netflix (probably The Office).

So why am I starting a blog and what will I be posting about? 

I used to blog on Wordpress where I would post about my life as a military girlfriend. I would share the struggles of Long Distance and talk about our trips we've taken together. This was good therapy for me when my love first joined in 2016, but then it became too much of a chore. I wasn't seeing the results from it that I wanted, so I stopped posting. The blog is still up and running, I just don't post anything new. Mainly because how many times can you write about missing your boyfriend? 

So I decided that I wanted to shift focus and start writing about what I love: handlettering and business. I plan on writing about:

  • product reviews
  • hand lettering tutorials, on the iPad or paper
  • behind the scenes
  • my favorite tools
  • business tips,
  • and more! 

Until next time,

Jordyn Alison

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  • JC

    Best wishes on this new adventure to your life. Am looking forward to more of your honest evaluations on life in general. As a military wife you may find some of the “missing my boyfriend” has turned into “missing my husband” as you cannot always go where he goes. Thankfully this is not a forever status. Have enjoyed your cards and their sometimes " in your face " comments. Keep up the good work.

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