Resources I use for my Product Based Business

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Stickermule: Read my blog post to see why I recommend Stickermule.

Canon Pixma Pro 100

Black and White Printer

Eco Friendly Clear Sleeves

White A2 Envelopes

Sticker Organizer


Shipping Label Printer (wait for it to go on sale)

Label Paper

Tissue Paper

Rigid Mailers


Skillshare (Some of my favorite Skillshare courses: Teela, Elizabeth, Bonnie, Gia, and Shannon)

Art Licensing for Letterers

Art Licensing Portfolio Builder




iPad Pro

Apple Pencil

Procreate App

Paper Cutter

Scoring Board


Check out my other posts on sites I recommend selling on, Etsy vs. a Website, and how do I make my Vinyl stickers

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