My Personal + Business Goals for 2019

I was going to reflect back on 2018, but honestly... it wasn't that great of a year for me. So instead I'm going to focus on how I can make 2019 better. Let me know in the comments what your goals for 2019 are! I'd love to hear them. 

Some of my business goals are... 

  1. Take real breaks from work. In 2018, I worked nonstop. I didn't take off weekends, and if I was watching a movie or tv I was doing work on my iPad. The only time I was away from my laptop/iPad for more than 24hrs was the week of my wedding/honeymoon. In 2019 I want to be better at not working on the days my husband has work off (and since his "weekends" are always changing, I want to be really mindful of that). 
  2. Figure out a way to pay myself better. This one is huge. I am naturally someone who likes to save money as much as possible. When it comes to paying myself, I have previously paid myself a percentage of the profit I made the previous month. So if I had low sales, I would get hardly any money. This became stressful when I moved in with my husband, because I felt like I was contributing nothing. So for next year, I thing I want to pay myself a minimum rate each month and if I have a better month than I can pay myself more if I choose to. 
  3. Double my gross revenue. The past two years I have doubled my revenue. My growth has been slow, so it's really not that much of an accomplishment if I were to tell you the numbers. But in 2019 I have a goal number in mind, and I would be blown away if I actually reached it. I 
  4. Increase my wholesale clients by 10. Ugh. This is one that I had on my list for 2018 and it didn't happen. I thought so many things would have happened in 2018, but my personal life took over and I wasn't able to reach out to as many retailers as I would have wanted to. 
  5. Get 500 subscribers on YouTube. I've been content planning for 2019, and I seriously want to add YouTube to the mix. I've always loved editing videos so this goes hand in hand. I was able to teach a hand lettering class in 2018, and was inspired to continue teaching what I know about hand lettering, small business, and more. 
  6. Get to 3,000 Etsy sales, and 1,000 Website sales. I started on Etsy in 2015, and started my website in September(?) of 2018. In 2018 I managed to have over 1,000 sales. I would be very surprised if my website hit that milestone, but a girl can dream right ;) 
  7. Expand my shop offerings. Another goal I had for 2018 was to expand my product line. I ended up only adding vinyl stickers to the mix, and while they've been a hit... they weren't the only thing I truly wanted to add. However, in 2019 I am hopeful that you will be seeing some fun new products from my shop! 

Some of my personal goals are... 

  1. Wake up at 6am. Going through a deployment and many other major stressful events, I've been left feeling extremely tired and unmotivated. I really want to start waking up by 6am so I'm not wasting precious time. When I first moved from Michigan to New Mexico, my dog was waking me up by 5am because to him that felt like 7am. Most of the time I hated him for it, but there were some days when I got up and fed him and did my morning routine all by 7am. It felt awesome to be focused and ready to go by the time I went to work (aka, my bedroom office). 
  2. Get off my phone by 9pm. I would love to not even bring my phone into my room, as I think that would help eliminate mindless scrolling each night and morning. And help me with getting out of bed by 6am!!  
  3. Get 8,000 (or more) steps each day. I need to take breaks from working and sitting at the computer more, so I can insure that I'm getting the steps in that I should be getting. I also live in a nice neighborhood, so I really have no excuse for not getting outside and walking around the block. 

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