1 Word Written 10 Ways: A Hand Lettering Series

Hello! Today I'm starting a new series called 1 Word 10 Ways. I'm going to be adding to this series each month for the foreseeable future, and with each new word, I'll add links below. If you have any requests, let me know in the comments! 

Lettering the same word multiple times, in different styles, can help you develop a new style. I usually write in my same style, but I wanted to challenge myself to start drawing my letters differently! I encourage you to do the same thing. 

To start off the series, I'm writing the word Thankful. I'm not going to post every video of this series on this blog post but I will update the links below when a new video is live! I just wanted to show you what to expect from this new series by showing my very first video in the series! 


My tips for practicing this challenge:

  • Don't plan it out. I think what's so nice about this challenge is that it shows you that you don't have to change the letters too much to see different results. You can see that I played with the t-h combination a few times but I came back to the same style a couple times. 
  • If it doesn't look perfect that's okay! I'm not 100% happy with how my flourished "thankful" turned out, some letters are fine but I don't like the k or the l. But who cares - I tried it! It's really easy to stay in your lane and not try out new styles, but until you try you won't know how much you love or hate it. 

To see process videos of each word, click the link below: 

1. Thankful

2. Merry (coming soon!)

3. Hello (coming in January!)

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